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Good day our dearest readers!.I hope you had a relaxing holiday.Our episodes from now on will be fully in English for the progress of our readers.Instead of portuguese version,we will now have some exercises to test our comprehensions.Here we go!.Today´s topic is about a love story.
Paula is talking to her father. "Father", Paula says. "Iam in love, and I want to get married.I want to marry Peter". Peter! Paula´s father says."are you insane"? Paula´s father asks. "No! you can´t marry Peter. He is an artist. Artists don´t make a lot of money.Marry an engineer or a doctor. Engineers and doctors make a lot of money."
Later on,Ana tells Peter, "I can’t marry you. I’m going to marry an engineer or a doctor. "Peter is silent for a few minutes.Then he kisses Paula. "Ok", he tells Paula. "Marry your engineer. Maybe he can make money. But can he kiss?"Peter walks away. Paula marries an engineer.She and her husband have three children. But Paula is not happy with her husband.She thinks about Peter every day.
Peter gets married, too. He and his wife have two children. But Peter is not happy with his wife. He thinks about Paula every day.
Many years later, Paula divorces her husband, and Peter divorces his wife. Then Peter and Paula get married. Paula is 42 years old, and Peter is 47. They are not young. But they are in love. They are finally happy. Love is strong when it’s a true love ..Bye, see you next edition!
Teacher Femi joseph.
                                                                 BRAINSTORM (VOCABULARY)
Write the opposites .You can find the words in the story.
Mother      __f__  __a__ _t_ _h__ __e__  __r___
can           ___ _____ __n´___
A  Little    _____      ____  o _____
Husband  _____  ____ ____ e
Divorce   ______ ______ _____ r_____
Old          y____  ____ ____ _____
Who is it? What is it?  Write the letter of your answer on the line.
1,_c__ He says, "you can´t marry Peter ."              a. engineers
2,______  He is an artist.                                          b. Paula
3,______ They don´t make a lot  of money.          c. Paula´s father
4,_______ They make a lot of money.                    d.Artists
5,_______ She marries an engineer.                     e. Peter

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