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Jim is looking out his win. He sees two in his neighbor´s driveway. The men are carrying a big color TV. They are carrying the TV into a truck. Jim opens his window. "Hey!" he says to the two men." Are you TV repairmen? "Yes," the men answer.
"Are you going to fix that TV?" Jim asks.
"yes," the men answer again. "My TV is broken," Jim tells the men. "Can you take my TV, too?" "sure, "the men say. "We can take your TV." Jim gives the men his color TV. The men put two TVs in the truck and drive away. Jim never sees his TV again.
Unfortunately, the two men aren’t TV repairmen. They are robbers. Well, this is a lesson for us to learn, when you see a stranger truck or car near your home or where, or whatever looks strange, pay attention! Bye, see you next edition.
Write the correct word on the line.
Jim sees two men in his neighbor´s driveway. The men are________________ a big color TV. Jim thinks the men are TV __________________________. He gives them his color
TV______________. Jim never sees his TV again because the men
1- Who is Jim?
2-What are the men carrying?
3-What is the difference between drive away and driveway?
4-Are the men repairmen?
5-What does Jim  tothe men?
6-What does the word "neighbor "mean?
7-Why does jim give his T.V to the men?
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Your English Teacher.
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