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Mr. And Mrs. Wilson are in a van with their three children. They are driving from California to Oregon. It is late at night. Mr. Wilson is in the front seat. He is driving the van. Mrs. Wilson and the children are in the back seats. They are sleeping.
Mr. Wilson is hungry. He stops at a fast-food restaurant. He goes into the restaurant. Mrs. Wilson walks into the restaurant.
Mr. Wilson walks out of the restaurant. Mr. Wilson doesn’t see his wife. Mr. Wilson drives away in the van. He drives all night. In the morning, Mr. Wilson and children are arriving back to their home in California. After unloading the car,Mr. Wilson asks the children, by the way,” where is your mom children”?  “We don´t know”, the children say. Incredible as it seems, Mrs. Wilson has been left behind in the restaurant. she was in the rest room when her husband had departed back to the car thinking she was already in the car. Well ladies and gentlemen, let´s pay attention wherever we go with our family. Thank you see you next edition.
Where is Mrs. Zimmer? She is at the restaurant in California!
1.   1.  C _ildr_n                     ____________
2.   2.  L_te                            ____________
3.   3.  Ni__t                           ____________
4.   4.  _ung_y                       ____________
5.   5.  D_esn´_                     ____________
6.   6.  Mo_nin_                     ____________
7.   7.  _now                          ____________
8.   8.  W_er_                        ____________
What are the opposites? Write the words.
1.    Go        stop
2.   1.  Day      N____________
3.  2.   Go to sleep   ___k___  u__
4.    3. Back      F__o_________
5.    4. Get in   G____  o____
Circle YES or NO.
1.  Mr. and Mrs. Zimmer are in a van with their children                           YES      NO
2.   Mr. Zimmer is driving the van                                                               YES      NO
3.  The children are in the front seat                                                         YES      NO
4.  They are going to Oregon                                                                   YES      NO
5.  It is late in the afternoon                                                                      YES      NO
6.  Mr. Zimmer stops at a restaurant                                                        YES      NO
7.   He stops because he is tired                                                                YES      NO
8.  Mrs. Zimmer goes into the restaurant, too                                           YES      NO
9.  Mr. Zimmer sees his wife in the restaurant                                           YES      NO
10.  Mr. Zimmer drives away                                                                    YES      NO
11. In the morning, Mr. Zimmer is in Oregon                                             YES     NO
12 Mrs. Zimmer is at the restaurant in California             YES     NO                      
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