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 In the little city of Edinbough in Scotland, There was a rich tightwad farmer who plants various crops and live stocks. He is a very proud farmer, He loves to exploit his farm workers, sometimes, he would say, my workers are so foolish, they work hard for a peanuts salary and Iam getting richer and richer, while they are getting poorer and poorer than ever. One day, he woke up and called his skinny driver to take him downtown because he would like to contract a foolish man to take care of his new cattle farm. When he approached the city, he saw a slick hick man standing by the bus stop, He quickly ordered his driver to stop.
 He called the slick hick man, "Hello" gentleman, he says. "Are you new in town looking for a job" he asks, the slick hick man. The slick hick man replies, "oh yes". The rich man said, "ok let's go I have a nice robust salary job for you.’’
They entered the car and drove back to his farm. When they arrived, the rich farmer introduced the slick hick man to his wife. The following day the slick hick man woke up, he firstly went to the kitchen and fortunately the wife of the farmer was preparing a delicious breakfast, she ordered him to sit down and have a nice breakfast. Suddenly, the rich farmer came, he ordered the slick man to eat fast that his job is to work not to eat, after he requested his wife to give him the food and his lunch to be taken to the cattle farm.
 When the slick hick man got to the farm without looking back he ate the lunch and went for a nap. Some hours later, the rich farmer went to see the progress of the new worker, he was disappointed to have seen him snoring". Gee"! He says, "You are sleeping at this time of working day, don´t be lazy". The slick hick man glanced at him ignorantly and said, "man I 
like to take a nap after lunch, don´t disturb me with your foolish material ambition". Sorry, I will have to find another peaceful place to continue my nap, bye see you. You are a foolish farmer.
This a lesson of life! What goes up must come down! Never play on human´s intelligence.
Exercise of the text.
1- What is slick hick man?
2- What is a tightwad person?
3- Where is Scotland?
4- What do you understand about the word "glance"?
5- What is the opposite of LAZY?
6- What is the opposite of FOOLISH?
7- What do you understand about SKINNY MAN?
8- What is the synonymous word of ROBUST?
Bye bye and see you next November´s edition.

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