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Kimchi is Korea’s best-known food. It’s made from cabbage, chilli peppers, and vegetables. Korean restaurants serve it at almost every meal. It’s difficult to describe there are so many different types!
Seoul has great restaurants, but there is also interesting and delicious food on the streets. You can get delicious kimbap (rice and seaweed rolls) and dukbokki (rice cakes in a hot pepper sauce) from food carts called pojangmacha. It’s a good value and you get a lot! We also recommend the chicken kebabs and the dumplings.
San Francisco
San Francisco offers the best of world cuisine, including some fascinating mixtures of styles – Japanese-Italian, Korean-American, and so on. But what do San Francisco people like best? Sunday brunch!
The best and often the biggest meal of the week is brunch. At many restaurants, there is a long table full of wonderful food: 
eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, salmon, and fries (French fries you eat with breakfast). You can have breakfast food for lunch – or lunch food for breakfast! That’s why it’s called brunch (breakfast + lunch).
Did you know? Ninety-five percent of San Francisco restaurants have doggy bags (take-out containers for the food you don’t finish), because “today’s brunch is tomorrow’s lunch.”
Read the article. Match the words and definitions.
1.Kimchi _________________                          
4.Doggy bag ______________  
a. a box for food you don’t finish.
b. a meal with breakfast and lunch dishes
c. street food carts
d. a well-known Korean food
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