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Today we will read about twins of Siam. In  a calmed and silent city called Siam of Thailand. A young mother was lying on a bed. She had just given a birth to twin boys. Although, she was tired but happy to see the fruit of her life. Suddenly, a nurse screamed out of the ward, "what is the matter?" The mother cried. She lifted her head and looked at her babies. 
Unfortunately, the babies were joined together at their chest.
    People came all over the world to see the joined twins turned to be touristic attraction. One day, one American man saw them. He thought, "I can make money in America with the twins". He asked the twins Chang and Eng. "Will you come with me to the United State?" Chang and Eng traveled to the U.S.A with the American man. They traveled all over the U.S.A territory. 
They made a lot of money, People asked questions and took pictures with them. They got tired of answering questions and travelling around.
       A doctor approached them to undergo a surgery for their seperation, but they refused because of the complicative effects. After a while, they settled down in North Carolina, the twins met two sisters. The sister’s names were Dolly and Sarah. The twins fell in love with the sisters.
        Chang married Dolly and Eng married Sarah. Their marriages were unususal though! The sisters lived in a separete houses. The twins lived in one house for four days and in another. When, one made love with his wife other turned his face and closed his eyes .The twins were happy with their wives, but not always happy with themselves, they fought a lot.Both had children. Chang had ten children and Eng had eleven children, all the occurred in 1810.
        One night, when the twins were 65, Eng woke up to see Chang who was lying beside him. Chang was not breathing again. 
Eng Screamed for help. Unfortunately, Chang is dead, "Oh I’am going to die, too". Eng cried. Two hours later, Eng was dead.
          For 65 years the twins of Siam lived together as one .In the end, they also died as one.
1 - What is to scream?
a - smile happily
b - yell in a loud voice.
2 - Separate them.
a - take them apart
b - wake them up
3 - Stare at
a - take pictures of
b - look at
4 - Argued.
a - spoke quietly
b - spoke in angry voices

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