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In a small city of England .There   is a united and harmonious family called Anderson. Mr. Anderson has a little boy of  teenager, his name is Carlson. Carlson loves to play video games and other online games. His intention is to become the world electronic games player champion. Unfortunately, his parents are not so happy with his idea of being isolated in the bedroom for long .He only stays and plays games in his bedroom, no friends, no dialogue with his family anymore.
One day, his mother enters into his room and says Carl. "park your stuff we are going on holiday to the mountain" .Carlson says" what"! Mum, "I don´t want to go to the mountain . There is nothing to do there no internet, no video games" he says. Ok ", but you will make new friends there" his mum says. They travel far over 2 hours by car to the mountain village of the north of England. When they arrive there, it is snowing and very cold ,a little village of 500 people. Calson says," oh Dad and Mum, are you insane?" nothing to do here.
On the second day of their stay, He meets new friends their names are Mark and Mary.
They start playing and invite Carlson to play, but Carlson refuses because is so shy to make friends. The new friends tell him "common tomorrow we will go to a secret passage", would you like to go with us? He timidly accepts and complains of all the moments .On the third day, he follows his friends to the secret passage together with a guide who knows the secret passage better. The passage is a hole in a tree starting from a side and goes through the slide under the ground. As they go ,he keeps complaining until they slide away and it is quite emotional because it is  dark inside and when he arrrives to the
other side his friends disappear only him, He starts screaming "hello, where are you"? But nobody answers. Suddenly there is a strange animal in his front, He  is shocked and afraid, It is a little deer. He is hurt and injured, "wao" he says. Deer, beautiful animal. He never sees an animal face to face like this in his life. His friends arrive and they treat the animal with curative from Simon who is a veterinarian. After this, the animal escapes back to the forest. It is an incredible and unforgettable day of Carlson´s life. He thanks his parents for taking him to the moutain.
1 - Where do they go?
2 - What are the names of the Carlson´s friends?
3 - Describe the mountain?
4 - Describe the secret passage?
5 - How many hours of driving to the mountain?
6 - How does Carlson feel at the end?
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