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One day in the city of Boston, in the United State of America. A wealthier couple live in a big mansion. They have in their mansion all that money can buy, in their mansion including  the finest swimming pool of the world in their yard.
They have a gentle man who works in the house as their house maid. He does all the orders  given to him from his bosses. In a quite afternoon, his boss calls him on the telephone inquires about his wife. He asks, "where is the madam?" In the kitchen with the plumber sir, said the house butler. "Where and with whom? "The boss repeats and asks again. In the kitchen sir, says the butler. "With whom? "Asks the boss, "with the plumber sir". The boss orders him to go to his room and take a riffle.  He orders him to shoot the plumber.
He sent him to throw the body of the plumber into the swimming pool. Later on, after some minutes he reconfirms the number and discovers that he is calling a wrong number and a wrong house. Unfortunately, the butler does it all. He has killed the plumber and the wife ..
Think twice before taking any actions in life!
1 - What is butler?
2 - Where  is the riffle?
3 - What does plumber mean?
4 - Who killed the plumber?
5 - How many people are in the house?
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