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Jane lives in New York City with her father a successful business man in New York. Her father sells computers and electronic appliances.
He is receiving an Italian business man who is buying some large quantity of computers for his Restaurant business in Italy. Jane´s father asks Jane to receive and show Mr. Dallago's son the city of New York. The name of Mr. Dallago's son is Mario.
When Jane arrives at the hotel´s lobby she sees a quite handsome guy with a camera and wearing jeans and a T-shirt. She imagines that must be Mario. When she approaches him she says" hello, are you Mario?" He replies, "yes." They greet each other and introduce herself. She asks "Do you want to know New York City?" "Yes."
Mario replies. They go to Empire state building, Parks, Central Park Zoo, Mario is very joyous with the reception ,He takes a lot of pictures.
After some hours, they return back to the hotel. It seems Jane is in a good mood and in love with a cute smile of Mario.
When they arrive at the lobby. They sit down at the bar and ask for cups of coffee to finalise their sight-seeings. Suddenly, a bell man of the hotel comes and introduces another real Mario Dallago to Jane waiting for her for some quite hours.
She cannot believe her eyes that the first Mario is not the real Mario.
As the world is as small as a ball,She decides to take both Marios to Delacorte Theater to watch a romantic drama. We can share our time and names.
Thank you for your attentive reading see you next.!!
Exercise 1
1 - Why is Mr. Dallago coming to see Jane's father?
2 - Where does Mr. Dallago come from?
3 - How does Jane feel about first Mario?
4 - What does Jane's father do?
5 - Where do they visit?
6- How does Jane feel to the second Mario?
Exercise 2
Ligue as palavras em inglês com palavras certas em Português:
1 - Sell                                                      Aparelhos eletrônicos
2 - Successful                                       Humor
3 - Appliances                                      Vender
4 - Mood                                                Passeio
5 - Visit                                                 Comprar
6 - Sight-seeing                                Visitar
7 - Buy                                               Bem sucedido
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