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Jane and Pete study in a university in the country, in England. They are preparing for their semestral holiday of July. "The climate is very pleasant for a good sight-seeing Pete" Jane says. “We can walk out of the university for a little fresh of air" Pete says.
They are walking in the busy street .There are lots of tourists in the town because it is a sunny day. There are lots of sight-seeings like: musical shows in the streets, clowns performing, acrobatic shows, and more events...Jane and Pete stop to watch various events and shows. In the Jane´s opinion some are funny and some are boring. They decide to proceed their sight-seeing when a violin artist calls their attention with a fine melody, "but the melody is too repetitive", says Jane.
Pete sees a shop of antique of old stamps and coins. "Wao I love collecting stamps" Pete says. "Let`s go in" both of them say. They greet the shop attendant who is not a bit friendly, a middle aged man. "Can I help you?" He says. 'We are looking for some old coins and stamps sir", Jane and Pete say. There is a lady at the back of the balcony who is a shop assistant to the man looking outside of the window, she is pretending to be cleaning the window while Pete and Jane are looking at the old coins. "They are beautiful and many of them are 300 years old". the sale´s man says, but thinking that Jane and Pete are trying to steal his coins. After some minutes, They decide to go out of the shop because of his unfriendly attitude.
Suddenly, the old man runs after Jane and Pete shouting my coins. He accuses them of stealing, police arrive at the scene and interrogate both Jane and Pete who say that they are not thieves. Jane tells the police that she sees the shop assistant throwing some things out of the window. They all go back to the shop with the police. After a serious interrogation and searching, the shop assistant confesses that she throws the coins into the violing artist´s hat outside. The shop owner is very happy for the help of Jane and Pete to catch the 2 thieves.
1. Who are Jane and Pete?
2. Where are they from?
3. How is the climate of the town?
4. What are the touristic activities in the town?
5. Why is the violin melody boring?
Traduza  essas palavras de Inglês para Português:
1. Police
2. Shop
3. Throw
4. Boring
5. Shop assistant
6. Shop attendant
7. Middle aged man
8. Pleasant
9. Holiday
10. Unfriendly
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