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The Jackson family are on Holiday in Turkey. They are staying at a big hotel in Istanbul. Mark (13), his sister Fay (12) and their parents like Turkey. It is beautiful, the weather is hot and the food is deliciously good. There is a lot to see, too. Today they are visiting the city of troy. It is 9 o´clock in the morning. They are getting on a bus in front of their hotel. There are lots of people on the bus from different countries, Britain, Germany, Holland, Italy and America.
They all have lunch. Then they start to look at the old city. It is a very hot day. After an hour, Mark sits under a tree. “I am going to stop here for a moment,” he tells his sister. Suddenly, Mark sees something on the ground, he picks it up. It is a flat, yellow shining stone, he cleans it. As he is cleaning, suddenly, there is a white light in his eyes. Mark closes them. The light is strong. After a second, he opens his eyes and finds himself in a place where a wooden horse is being built. “Boy! Come here!” a man says. He starts working for the soldiers to finish up the troy horse, after a long working day they cannot find a second eye to fit the horse for the war, Mark gives his stone to the men and they are very surprised and pleased for the magic stone from Mark. In the evening ,Mark sits near a big fire on the beach where he meets an old woman called Ana, She tells him a lot of stories about Greece,
Next morning the horse is in the Trojans gate .They think the Greeks are ending the war, but it is strategic. In the mid night after Trojans have gone to their beds, the Greeks move out from the horse and destroy all the city and the people. Finally, the Greeks win the war. Five minutes later, his sister Fay shouts his name “MARK let´s go the bus is ready to leave.”
Mark wakes up from his sleep, he sees the woman he has seen in his sleep ,and buys a wooden horse from her. The woman says “come and see me again one day.”
1 - How many people are there in the Jackson family?
2 - In which Turkish city are they staying?
3 - Where do the people on the bus come from?
4 - What happens to Mark when he sees the stone?
5 - What does Mark give to the soldiers?
6 - Who says come and see me again one day?
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