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Edward Jones is a civil servant in a small city of Ohio. He is happy, very happy! He won $500,000 in the state lottery. Edward is happy for a few minutes. Then he remembers: His lottery ticket! He threw it in the garbage can!
Edward runs to the garbage can and looks inside. The garbage can is empty!
"Where is the garbage?" Edward asks his wife. "The garbage is gone" his wife answers". The garbage truck came this morning." The garbage truck takes the garbage to the garbage dump. He quickly goes to the garbage. He looks in the garbage for two days. He doesn´t find his lottery ticket.
Edward talks to the people in his city, he informs his colleagues, his neighbors, his family and friends.  "Look for my winning lottery tickets at the dump. If you find it, I will give you half of the money." Every day hundreds of people go to the dump. They look in the garbage for the ticket.
Five days later, a man finds it. Edward gives the man $250,000.The man could not believe that Edward was serious. However, Edward complies his promise. Edward won $500,000 in the lottery.
Now he has only $250,000.But he is not sad, he is not selfish, he is honest with his words. "Before one man was happy," Pedro says. "Now two men are happy". That is life! Give a little and take a little that makes the world!!

What do you know about these words, check your dictionary.
1 - Garbage Truck
2 - Lottery Ticket
3 - Garbage can
4 - Dump
5 - Half
6 - City.

What is the past tense of the verb in the story?
1 - Is
2 - Win.
3 - Throw
4 - Come
5 - Can
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