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There is an old city in England called Bath. It has a beautiful Abbey and it receives a lot of visitors from Europe and America. In the summer, there are always crowds of tourists in the streets.
Dave and Carol are students at Bath University. Dave likes to look at beautiful streets and Carol likes walking in the little back streets. In a summer time after the end of their mid term exams, they decide to walk around the beautiful streets of Bath. There are a lot of tourists in the city. "Let´s find a nice quiet street." Says Carol.
"Ok," says Dave.
As they walk around a silent street they see a man playing the flute. "Let´s go and listen," they both say. "Why is he playing in this isolated street"? asks Carol. There aren´t a lot of tourists in this street and there are only three coins in the hat. Moreso, the tune is Greensleeves and Carol sings it with him. She puts a coin into the hat, "but he isn´t a very good flute player," says Dave.
Suddenly, they find an antique shop close to the flute player at the corner. "Wao, let´s go into the shop I love collecting old stamps and coins" Dave says. "Ok," says Carol. They enter into the shop, an  unfriendly old man attends them and shows the stamps and coins from different countries to them, a girl is working in the shop ,she isn´t friendly either. A telephone rings in the room behind the shop, he doesn´t answer it because he is in doubts of being stolen by Dave and Carol. He doesn´t like students coming to the shop because of stealing. Dave and Carol decide to leave the shop because of his strange attitude. "Let´s get out from here and have some coffee this man isn´t friendly at all," says Carol. "OK." Says Dave. They go to a nearby café and sit to have their ice -creams when the old man comes out from the shop shouting, "my coins," shouts the man. Carol and Dave reply we didn´t take your coins, they show their bags to the man ,but he could not believe them. Immediately, a police man comes to the scene and asks about the coins. Dave and Carol explain that they suspect  the girl working in the shop as she was throwing some objects out of the window into the flute player´s hat. The police goes together with Dave and Carol into the shop where the policeman interrogates the girl.
The girl confesses to have thrown the coins into the flute player´s hat. The police goes to arrest the flute player .He tries to escape from the police, but Dave and Carol run after him and catch him .The police takes both of them away. Later on, the shop owner thanks
Dave and Carol, he gives them some coins as presents. Now Dave and Carol are happier than never.
Answer the questions below:
1 - Where is Bath?
2 - What do you understand about flute?
3 - What do Dave and Carol do?
4 - Who collects the stamps and coins?
5 - Why does the flute player run away?
6 - Where are the visitors from?
Find the synonyms of these words from dictionary.
1 - Steal
2 - Scene
3 - Escape
4 - Crowds
5 - Immediately
6 - Abbey

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