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A man called Chung met a beautiful Taiwanese lady called krista at a market place in a small city of Hong-Kong. For Chung, it was love at first sight.”Hello, “he said to her.” I´m Chung.”Krista looked at him and smiled.” Hi” she said.” I´m Krista.”Chung and Krista laughed and talked all evening. When they left the party, it was 2 A.M
For the next year, Chung and Krista were together every weekend. They went everywhere together- to movies, to parks, to museums and to restaurants. One night at a romantic restaurant, Chung asked Krista, “Will you marry me?” “No” Krista answered. “I´m not ready to get married.”
I can´t believe it “Chung thought. “Krista doesn´t want to marry me! But I love her! What can I do?”Chung began writing love letters to Krista. Every day he wrote a letter and mailed it to her. “I love you,” he said in his letters. “Marry me.”
Every day the same mailman delivered Chung´s letter to Krista. The mailman always smiled when he gave Krista a letter. “Another letter from your boyfriend,” he said. Chung sent Krista a love letter every day for two years 800 letters all together.
Finally Krista said, “ I´m ready to get married now.” Did Krista get married to Chung? No, she didn´t. She married the mailman who delivered Krista´s letters.
This is life! Never be too ambitious in your doings, only time will tell!!
Put these words into their right gaps:
Deliver love at first sight can´t believe it ready.
1. When Chung met Krista, he loved her immediately. It was__________
2. Krista told Chung, “I don´t want to marry now. It´s not a good time for me. I´m not _________ to get marry now”
3.When Krista told Chung, I´m not ready to get married,” Chung was very surprised. He thought “I _______________!”
4. Every day the same mailman took Chung`s letter to Krista´s house. He ____________ Chung´s letter.

Comprehension check
1. Who is the husband of Krista?
2. How many letters did Chung write to Krista?
3. Where did they meet at first?
4. How many places did they go to at the first meeting?
5. Why did Krista decide to marry the mailman?
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