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Over 200 years ago, when America was just 13 colonies, there lived a super smart guy. You may have heard of him. His name was Benjamin Franklin. But most people called him Ben.
This story is about how Ben invented magic squares. But first of all, there are few things you need to know about this great man... Ben was not smart for nothing,he put his smart  brain to good use .He was always thinking and writing and inventing cool things- even when he was a kid. When he was 11 years old, Ben jumped into a lake holding on to a kite. The kite was pulled by the wind. Ben was pulled by the kite. The kite flew a whole mile with Ben holding on tight!
Incredibly by the same year, Ben wanted to swim faster than anyone. So he made flippers for his hands and feet.
Believe it or not they worked! People still use a version of Ben´s flippers until today.

Put these words into correct order of their meanings.
1. agciM  - Magic
2.  erVions----
3. liFpersp------
4. ietK--------
5.  eopPel-----------

Answer The Questions
1. What happened 200 years ago in America?
2. What was Ben´s full name?
3. What was the first invention of Ben?
4. How old was Ben when he jumped into a lake?
5. What did he invent to swim faster?
6. What is your opinion about Ben? 
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