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As Ben grew older, he kept thinking and writing and inventing. When he was 23, he wrote and printed a newspaper called The Pennsylvania Gazette. People loved it! When he was 26, Ben wrote and printed a book called Poor Richard´s Almanac.
An almanac is a book of useful information, from weather predictions and advertisements to important dates. Ben´s almanacs had even more things in them. There were witty sayings (witty means "clever") and fun puzzles (you know what fun means). People still use many of Ben´s sayings today!
When Ben was 36, he invented a special stove. It kept homes warmer than a fire in a fireplace and burned less wood.
Everyone was amazed! Ben never outgrew his love of kites. When he was 46,he tied a key to a kite string and.......flew the kite in a thunderstorm!
This was not a safe thing to do. But Ben did find out that lightening was made of electricity. And electricity is used today as well, the experiments with electricity were made to human´s utility in 1742.Until today, the use of electricity technology came from Ben´s invention from his kite string. More grease to your elbow, Ben you were great!
1 - What did Ben do at the age of 23?
2 - What was the name of his book and almanac?
3 - What does "witty" mean in the article?
4 -  When did Ben invent the stove
5 - Why did he invent the special stove?
6 -  What happened in 1742?
Vocabulary. (Brainstorm) Put the letters in order to form their appropriate words.
1.Nivneiont =  ---------------------
2.eTchlonoyg =---------------------
3.Ikte = --------------
4.Leetriityc =-------------------
5.Manaalc = ----------------------
6.Toves = --------------------------
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