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A young man gets on an elevator. The elevator goes up. The elevator stops. A young woman enters in the elevator. The elevator goes up. Then, suddenly it stops.
 It doesn´t go up. It doesn´t go down. It is stuck between floors. The elevator is stuck for 19 hours. The man and the woman are in the elevator. They are together for 19 hours. They talk, and talk, and talk, and talk until they are dried out of water. No change, nobody comes in, nobody goes out.
They scream for help, they bang the elevator’s door to call somebody’s attention, but no answer. They start talking about their lives, jobs, families and even foods and their favorite movies. Incredibly, no one is tired of talking. After a while, the young lady brings out a bar of chocolate. On the bar is written, "LOOKING FOR A NEW LOVE" the man smilingly accepts her offer of a piece of chocolate. They both smile.
Finally, the elevator goes up. It stops and the doors open. The man and the woman walk out of the elevator.
They are tired. They are hungry. They are thirsty. They are in love. Three months later, they get married. They have 2 fine babies.
There is good and bad in every situation of life. Feel good and merry christmas to all our readers.!!!
Complete the missing words.
1 How many hours do they stay in the elevator?
2  What do they do in the elevator?
3   What happens to the elevator?
4   Why does the young lady smile to him?
5  How many children do they have?
6 Do they have a happy end?
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