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The Clarkson family lived in the country in Scotland, about half a mile from the nearest village of the capital. They had a big house, with a beautiful garden, a lot flowers bed and many old trees.
In the family, there were lots of siblings looking for an opportunity to obtain the properties and money of Mrs. Molly Clarkson who was the mother of all. As time went by, the brothers and sisters started looking for the way toget their shares of cake before their mother dies. Jackie the oldest sister lives with her mother but was not happy because she could not have her freedom of living with her boyfriend Tom Briggs. Their youngest Diane lives in London studying arts and dancing, but never wished to work. All of the siblings asking and looking for Mrs. Clarkson’s money. Unfortunately, old Clarkson knew that became very tight wad to her money. Who would get her money and the fortune their father had left before his death, no one knows...
One day Mrs. Clarkson went to bed and slept after the cup of milk she had drunk, unfortunately she passed away from this incident and could not wake up. She was dead. And now? Who killed Mrs. Clarkson?
The police in Scotland went to action of investigations from 1to 10 and A to Z. Everyone in the family denied their involvement .None of them had proved their guiltiness. Finally, the Scotland detectives found out who and how Mrs. Clarkson was killed. Jackie the oldest sister of the siblings had love affairs with Tom Briggs who was a farmer living beside Mrs. Clarkson´s family but was an enemy to Mrs. Clarkson because of his intention to acquire more land of Clarkson´s family, and he was deeply in love with Jackie whom their mother never wanted to be. How? 
Tom gave Jackie a poisonous tablet to put inside Mrs. Clarkson’s milk so they can have thier freedom to marry and acquire the wealth of Mrs. Clarkson. The plan was totally a grand failure, give thanks to Scotland intelligent investigations. Now Jackie and Tom are married in a room of Scotland yard prison.

Questions and Answers:
1. Who was the killer?
2.Why did the siblings want Mrs. Clarkson’s money?
3. Where did Mrs. Clarkson get her wealth?
4.Who studied art in London?
5.How was the relationship of the family?
6.Why did Mrs. Clarkson hate Tom?
7. What did Jackie think about her sister Diane?
8.When did Mrs. Clarkson die?
9. Who was guilty of the crime?
10.What did Tom want from Mrs. Clarkson?
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