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  Sunday, 5th December 1872.The weather is fine. The Wind is blowing and ship is sailing quickly. The crew on the ship is happy because they are going home, we are sailing between Cuba and Florida. We are going to be in Florida soon. We are going to reach Florida in three or four days.
 John is the Captain of the ship. He is in his cabin, he is writing in his ship´s log book. He writes his daily activity, about the weather, the men on the ship. Suddenly, one of the men comes to the Captain in his cabin, Captain! There is a strange ship near us .Can you come on deck? The Captain runs immediately to see the strange ship by telescope, they take their small boat to reach the strange boat, they climb onto the ship. The Captain shouts, ”Hallo”! Is anybody there? Can you hear me? But there is no answer.
 Where are the men on the ship? Are they all ill? The Captain and the men look, they walk along the deck, but there is nobody .Nobody at the wheel, the ship is sailing itself in the Wind. The Captain is below the deck. He cannot find anybody. There is food on the table, But who is going to eat it? There is water in the jug. But who is going to drink it? There is a cigar in the ashtray. But who is smoking the cigar? The Captain sees a log book on the table he quickly takes it and reads. “No! No! It can´t be!”
 The captain looks at the Picture, it is his Picture, he looks at the log, it is his writing log, he looks at the mirror and the Picture again, it is his identical face. The Captain runs upon the deck. He looks around and sees nobody. Where is his ship? Where are his men? He is a lost man in the lost ship. Will he survive his mystery? Only time will tell!!!
1 - What day is it?
2 - Where is the ship going to?
3 - What are on the table of the ship?
4 - What is the problem with the Captain?
5 - Are the men ghosts?
6 - What is the problem of the ship?
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