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 John and Mary are married. They live in a small city in Sydney, Australia. They are together for a long time, they don´t have children. They are not happy. Why not?
They are very different. John smokes. Mary doesn´t smoke. John likes to watch baseball on TV. Mary doesn´t like baseball, because for her it is very boring. Mary likes loud music. John doesn´t like loud music because it hurts his ears. John likes to sleep late at night. Mary doesn´t like.
She loves sleeping earlier to relax more. When John goes to bed he likes to kiss and make love, but these stop her sleep. And when Mary gets asleep, she snores too much and this cuts his sleep, too. None of them is happy with the situations.
One day, Mary looks at the house next door. It is for sale. She decides to talk to her husband about it. They finally agree to the idea of living apart. Mary buys the house and moves in. Now Mary lives in the house next to John. John continues in the old house. John can now smoke, he can also watch his baseball on TV, but he cannot have free kisses and love making every night. What a pity!!. Mary is also happy now, she can snore as she likes. She can sleep as earlier as she wants. She can even sleep without thinking of love and kisses, she can listen to loud music any time.
The good side of the story is that they eat breakfast, lunch and dinner Together. After the meals each one goes to their house.
When Mary wants kisses and love, she shouts at night “the bed is wet, help me.”
John runs like an angry dog and cleans the bed. Both of them are happier than never.
No love is lost when we understand each other.
1-Where do they live?
2-What are their names?
3-why aren´t they happy?
4-Who smokes and likes TV?
5-What does Mary do when she wants John at night?
6-Who is really unhappy?
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